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Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone


Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone, hadir dengan layar 4.7 Inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. Smartphone ini dibekali dengan sistem operasi Android 4.4, KitKat dan prosesor Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7. Smartphone ini juga dilengkapi dengan memori internal 32 GB, RAM 2 GB, kamera belakang 12 MP, dan kamera depan 2 MP. Untuk dayanya smartphone ini menggunakan baterai berkapasitas 1860 mAh.

SKU Number: MTS-19362-00222

Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone

  • Chipset
    • Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
  • Slot Memori Eksternal
    • -
  • Memori Internal
    • 32 GB
  • Ukuran Layar
    • 4.7 Inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Sim Card
    • Nano SIM
  • Operating System
    • Android 4.4, KitKat
  • Memory
    • 2 GB RAM
  • Kapasitas Baterai
    • 1860 mAh
  • Kamera
    • Kamera (utama) : 12 MP Kamera (depan) : 2 MP
  • Brand
    • Samsung
  • Garansi
    • Resmi 1 Tahun

Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

Tips for First Buying Property

The biggest challenge for most first-time home buyers is saving up enough money for a down payment. Here are some tips from Yahoo Finance for first buying house:

First: Pay Off Your Debt

It's a common mistake for home-buyers-to-be: They focus on saving as much money as possible for a down payment instead of paying off other debts. A better approach is to use extra cash to eliminate credit-card and other high-interest consumer debt � even if that means you can put down less on your future home, says Lori Vella, senior vice president of national lending for Washington Mutual.

Why? First, credit-card debt is expensive and limits your ability to save. The average interest rate on credit cards now stands at 13.8%, or more than double the 5.33% national average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, according to Second, credit-card debt will limit how much you can borrow. That's because lenders won't allow your total monthly debt service � which includes payments for credit cards, student loans and car loans, as well as homeowner's insurance, property taxes and a mortgage � to exceed 40% of your gross income, Vella says.

How Much Can You Afford?
The answer to that is a function of two things: How much you can borrow and how much of a down payment you can muster. As a rule of thumb, your annual mortgage payment, taxes and homeowner's insurance shouldn't exceed 28% of your gross income. Then determine how much cash you have for a down payment, leaving yourself enough left over to pay those pesky closing costs, which can add up to 3% to 5% of your total home's value (plus a little something extra for emergency repairs once you move into your new home).

Still having trouble figuring it all out? Click here for's home-buying worksheet.

Types of Loans
Now you're ready to start shopping around for the right loan. As we said, a first-time home buyer with a steady job and good credit can put down as little as 3% these days. These loans are more available, and more reasonably priced, now that they're acceptable to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (The two so-called government-sponsored agencies purchase mortgages worth up to $333,700 on the secondary market � $500,550 in Alaska and Hawaii � absorbing the original lenders' financial risk. And both will now buy 97% mortgages.) While rates vary, such a low-down-payment mortgage will run a half-point higher than a conventional loan, says Steve Majerus, senior vice-president of capital markets for E-Loan, an online lender. On our hypothetical 97% mortgage of $178,286, that extra half-point of interest adds $57 to the monthly payment.

But the more money you can muster for a down payment, the more options you will have. For example, Fannie Mae's new "start-up mortgage" allows borrowers who can put down 5% to qualify for a loan on a smaller salary than with a 3% down payment. You will need to find a Fannie Mae-approved lender to take advantage of this program. Click on Fannie Mae's Web site for a list of all of its products and approved lenders.

Private lenders are also coming up with their own programs to tap into the first-time home buyers' market. Washington Mutual, for example, offers a program for buyers with a 10% down payment: Instead of charging for mortgage insurance, the savings-and-loan builds the cost into the interest rate, making it tax-deductible (which mortgage-insurance premiums aren't).

And if you really want to get creative and avoid paying mortgage insurance altogether, you can do as Mullarkey did and take out two piggybacked loans. These are also referred to as 80-10-10s. First, you need to put down 10% of the home's value. Then, you take out a primary loan, usually a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, for 80% of the home's value. This interest rate should be competitive. For the remaining 10%, you'll need to take out a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage at a far less competitive rate � as much as two points higher than the market. Combine the two monthly costs to come up with your total mortgage payment. Due to the complexity, a piggybacked loan is a bit more expensive than a traditional mortgage and carries higher closing costs. Still, they tend to be cheaper than paying private mortgage insurance.

Questionable Credit

Worried you don't have perfect credit? Thanks to Fannie Mae's "expanded approval" program, consumers with slightly blemished credit can also qualify for mortgages at competitive rates that are as much as two percentage points lower than alternative financing. "These are people who might not qualify for fair-market value rates from traditional lenders," says Liz Bayless, director of single family product development at Fannie Mae.

If your credit's still not good enough for one of Fannie Mae's loans, you may yet qualify for a loan insured by the Federal Housing Authority, or FHA. These government-insured loans are issued with even more lenient credit criteria. You can also put down as little as 3% for an FHA loan, and can wrap your closing costs and fees into the mortgage. Interest rates are typically less than a quarter of a point higher than those in the conventional market. To get a government-insured loan, make sure you find a HUD-approved lender or a mortgage broker who works with one.

There's no income limit to qualify for an FHA-insured loan. However, since these loans are geared toward helping first-time home buyers and low- to moderate-income families, there's a limit to how much you can borrow. The amount varies from region to region, but it's capped at $290,319 in high-cost areas ($403,750 in Hawaii), says Laurie Maggiano, a HUD spokeswoman. To check your area's ceiling, click on the FHA mortgage limits page.

Down-Payment Assistance Programs

Still having trouble coming up with that down payment? Each year HUD gives states and municipalities money to distribute to low- and moderate-income families for housing. Much of it is put toward down-payment assistance programs. Many young prospective home buyers may qualify for a $3,000 to $5,000 grant (or in some cases a loan that's forgiven if a home buyer stays in the home for at least three years) to put toward their down payment or closing costs.

To qualify for a down-payment assistance program, a consumer typically can earn no more than 80% of a region's median income. Call your state housing finance authority, county housing and community development office or mayor's office for an application.

One final note of caution: Don't confuse any of these programs with no-equity loans being offered to people who already own their homes. These high-cost, high-risk home-equity loans are a bad idea. See our story to find out why.

Wedding Invitations

For every wedding event, the couple must have the perfect wedding invitation to give out to their guest. Most weddings happen during June, also known as the wedding month, and a lot of couples tie the knot around that time of the year. Normally, half a year (6mos) prior the wedding date, the couple prepares the wedding invitation and to be given out to the guest a month or two before the wedding date. 

Wedding invitations consists of 2-3 sheets of paper inviting the guests to come and celebrate the wedding with the couple. It is normally written in a third person language. By tradition, the brides themselves take care of the wedding invitations from scratch! But with the technology we have right now, brides can now choose the printer and coordinates with them for the cover, text, presentation, and paper texture of the invites, thus saving them the hassle of making it themselves. 

Brides must not stress themselves which and what the layout to use nor the text, since printers are accustomed with all kinds of invites and they will gladly show all the options. For some couples who prefer to add another language into their invitation, printers also have Chinese-ready or other language ready invites, and all you need to put is the details eg names, dates and venues. Hassle free!
For couples who are in a budget, do not fret on spending tons of money, because it is very easy to make your own perfect wedding invitations. Brides can now print on their personal computers using a laser printer or inkjet printer and brides can also use the Internet for some guides on layout and text. Some artistically inclined brides may also opt for handmade written or calligraphy for added uniqueness and design to the invite. 

Also, in addition to the wedding invitation itself, some couples add a little note which reads R.S.V.P with the name of the contact person and his/her number. RSVP is an abbreviation often used to the request the invitee let the host know if he or she will be attending. The word RSVP comes the French term, "Répondez si'l vous plaît," which means "please reply." On this RSVP note, directions, maps, gift options and other announcements are also printed on. 

More Tips for a Perfect Wedding Invitations!
There is nothing more stressful when finding out names printed in the wedding invitation had been misspelled or wrong dates have been engraved. To prevent these things from happening, brides can make sure to do the following:
1. Proof read the invite before sending it to the printer.
2. Try reading the wedding invitation backwards, thus by doing this, will push the eyes to read each words very carefully.
3. Have someone proof read it. (Given the fact that brides normally are in pressured or in a very stressful situation)

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Happy marriage tips

It is important for you to understand about Having a Healthy Relationship Tips. Is the happy couple doing spectacular things in a different way than those who have a wedding that is so like that? Actually, the difference is very small. When we see a happy marriage, we see that they have done the hard work, but it is nothing like the one in our minds. in a study conducted on 373 couples for over 22 years shows that for mencapa happiness lies in small changes in behavior and attitude towards your partner.

Here are some steps you can take to achieve such happiness.
Understanding the needs of each mutual
The reason for the destruction of a marriage is not just a matter of conflict, communication problems or sexual mismatch, but also because of the frustration and disappointment of the day-to-day what you expect from your partner and what is done by your partner. before we talk further, do you ever know the reason why you married. And to ease the frustration caused by such things are shared expectations between you and your partner to be the most appropriate tips. Maybe you need more affection and your partner need some time to relax. You can do a check-in with your partner once a year to enjoy a different atmosphere than usual. This could lead to an idea or an idea for a new and better hope
Show Your Love
Husbands whose wives give emphasis to words or body language that shows that they are loved, respected and appreciated to have more possibilities to illustrate that they are happy. And the husband may need affirmation more than women. You should know that women always receive compliments from friends and even from strangers. You guys should learn some tips and tricks in giving praise and admiration for your partner. But he will not get admission. Can you imagine someone who suddenly stop and give praise to the man or husband. It certainly is rare even to say impossible. That is why men rely on the attention and praise from their wives.
Routines Estella
Many are said to do a date night of the week with your partner without children is a good idea membngun harmony in your marriage. But sometimes you really just need a few minutes. In this case kenzoo will give small tips. Try to set aside 10 minutes of your time to share anything about your relationship than talking about kids, responsibilities and duties. A study says that 98% of couples who happily talk intimately understand their partners. Anything that makes you learn something new on will make you closer to your partner. Preformance this I would take a sample or a picture of a dog. Maybe you all know how dogs can be regarded as the most intelligent animals. Because without you realizing, you know the inner world of each other to strengthen the bonds of happiness.
Focus on the Good
Is the best way to make your relationship better is to work to fix what's wrong? Not like it ..!! The most effective way to enhance the joy and passion is to add positive elements in your wedding. Positive energy will make us feel good and motivates us to keep going in that direction. This does not mean that you can not feel or talk about something negative. If you want a happier relationship, the positive side needs to far outweigh the bad. The more you respect the love and joy in your bond, the sooner you will change your marriage be truly happy.
Now, with the mutual understanding between each other and give a little time to share will make your relationship better and better.